5 Vacation Rental Listing Advises

Writing your vacation rental listing description can be a chore. Frankly we love writing them, but we know that, for many, it’s a task rather than a passion!

This is why we’ve created a simple page with 5 vacation rental listing advises to get you motivated and inspired, as if you were part of the Lefkada-Rentals team of crazy VR-writing fanatics!

Whether you’re about to write your vacation rental listing site description from scratch, or whether you’re looking to refine it, our 5 advises aim to help you focus.

  1. Be bold in your headline. If you scan the results of a listing site search you’ll notice the wide array of options available to a guest. Faced with the choice your guest is likely to notice those that stand out. A unique and daring headline will capture their attention. Keep in mind that only 75 chars are available. So use them wisely. A simple property name, means nothing to the guest.
  1. Marry your photos. Photos certainly sell. Find the best and most attractive view of your property and put it as main image. Present all areas of your rental (bedrooms, living room, bathrooms and of course outdoors).
  1. Hit “Enter” a few more times. Faced with a giant wall of text your guest is likely to skip past most of it. Result? You’ve lowered your probability of them making an inquiry or booking. Shorten the paragraphs and keep your potential guest-focused. Pointless to mention that at least 1500 characters are necessary for a text description.
  1. Add personal pronouns. Don’t play the Four Seasons corporate card! Your guests are in the market for a vacation rental stay. Which means keeping it real with words like “we”, “us”, and “you”.
  1. Summary for your SEO. Don't forget the important part of the summary. This is your unique chance for marketing your property with a very Search Engine Friendly text.

We hope you now feel more equipped to create a vacation rental listing description that sings; good luck!

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