How can I book the villa I like?

Many Rentals provide the option of "Online Booking". Once you select the villa you like, select the desired dates of arrival and departure. Then the Total Price of the booking will be presented to you.

If you agree, click on "Request to Book", after having filled all the details (name, email, adults, phone etc).

The owners can always make a better offer, giving you a discount of the initial price, specially if they see that you are seriously interested in booking their property!
Then, after you see a Preview of your Reservation details, you can proceed to the pre-payment via paypal or credit card. Keep in mind, that you will not be charged, before the Owner accepts your Reservation request, within 24 hours (usually they accept after 1-2 hours).

It is also important for you to know, that you pay only 30% of the Booking Price, which is transferred to the owner, right after your check-in date, for your security. Keep in mind that this amount is guaranteed by and you get an immediate confirmation.
The remaining 70% of the booking price, is paid to owner, according to his policies (usually on arrival).
IMPORTANT: For this service, you are not charged anything extra (NO Service Fees for our guests)!!!

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