I want my Listing on Top of your lists

We are sure that all owners want their listing on top of our lists. And this makes sense, since statistics say that "The higher your listing, the more Inquiries" you receive!

Unfortunately, we cannot set all listings on top of our results, event though we have specific lists, based on your guests' desire (ex. if they are looking for Villas in Sivota, Apartments in Nidri, a Sailing boat, an Exclusive Hi-end Villa, something very close to the sea etc)

Of course, you can select a higher promotional package (ex. Advanced or Premium), which leads your listing much higher at once. But promotional packages are only 3 and the current rentals are more than 700+. 

So, we follow some rules. And our rules are based on your guests' needs. They want to see all possible details about your property, before they decide to book. And our system algorithm, which is updated 3 times per day, sets your listing based on the following factors:

  • Long descriptions of your properties and full details about your payment and cancellation policy, set your property higher.
  • Detailed prices per day and updated availability calendars, set your property higher.
  • Activated Special Offers for Limited period, set your property higher.
  • If you have a high-rate of confirmed reservations.
  • If you have a high-score in your reviews.
  • Frequent updates or edits of your Listing, set your property higher.

The algorithm is automatically updated 3 times per day. So, the better and more updated details you provide to your guests, the more inquiries you receive, the more bookings you get!

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